„All you need is a lot of hard work and a little bit of help.“
The ape, from the book Cornelius
from Leo Lionni


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The demand for leaders who know where they’re going is greater than ever. Many a team hanker after a clear line, while on the other side leaders are often torn between organisation, team and tasks. For reasons of time, delegating is no longer possible and people swiftly lose sight of the goal. Time for Shackleton.

Why should you sleep in trees and listen to an ape? Cornelius the crocodile, a character from the children’s book Cornelius by Leo Leonni, has a few words of wisdom to make managerial lives a little easier. Not convinced? Then why not attend a seminar to find out!

Facing a company handover? Tackle the sucession topic now! Save time and spare your nerves by joining the next workshop on the Bermuda Triangle family system, proprietor system and management system (or Love, Power and Money).